March 4, 2024

The fact regarding the Seismic Waves Card Hoax file is defined on this write-up to let on-line customers study in regards to the fraudulent latest exercise.

Are hackers focusing on victims and households of Morocco’s earthquake? An earthquake lately hit Morocco on ninth September 2023. Morocco’s earthquake reported About two thousand fatalities, leaving numerous folks homeless and injured.

Whereas folks Worldwide have been devastated by the earthquake skilled in Morocco, a rip-off focused the earthquake victims. So, look over extra information regarding the Seismic Waves Card Hoax.

Disclaimer: We intention to disperse data regarding happenings, hoaxes, and prevalent scams to alert folks with out urging scams or different actions. No social media hyperlinks regarding Seismic Waves Card discovered, so we can’t present it.

Is there a prevalent hoax of Seismic Waves Card?

A file prescribed Seismic Waves Card was broadly circulated related to Morocco’s devastating earthquake that struck town on eighth September 2023. The file included devastating footage of Morocco’s earthquake.

What’s Seismic Waves Card Bufala?

Seismic Waves Card Bafala is a viral message folks wish to study extra about. The message talked about that the Seismic Waves Card file is a rip-off, together with a number of earthquake pictures.

The message additionally alerted folks to not open or view the cardboard since it might hack the machine in a number of seconds. Additionally, it can’t be opened utilizing any software program and has urged folks to ahead the knowledge to their associates and households.

Seismic Waves Card Whatsapp Faux:

A latest message viral on WhatsApp is a translated model of a language. Nevertheless, the screenshot of the PDF file known as Seismic Waves Card.pdf is broadly circulated on social media and incorporates Trojan malware or viruses.

Some sources additionally talked about that such card shouldn’t be accessible on the internet presently and can’t hack private data on cellular units. This faux message solely exploits the uncertainties and anxieties of individuals affected by the Moroccan earthquake.

Seismic Waves Varieties:

The latest widespread message of the Seismic Waves Card targets college students and people. It additionally offers false guarantees of discounted or free and attractive advantages to college students and people for housing, tuition, and different perks.

However, college students should stay sceptical and cautioned when such solicit advantages are supplied. You have to attain official sources to confirm the information as a substitute of believing them. The viral message that alerts folks about cellular units getting hacked is faux since no file or card can hack the units. 

Is there a Seismic Waves Card Hoax?

Seismic Waves Card is a confirmed hoax because the message about hacking cellular units is unfaithful. This circulated on-line message is a baseless rumor and a nefarious file or a software that doesn’t exist. 

Additionally, the safety of the cellular units shouldn’t be compromised by the Seismic Waves Card since it’s a mere hoax. This viral message was created to entice victims and people and enhance anxieties and fears within the affected area. 

Is it protected to open a Seismic Waves Card?

The seismic Waves Card was an engineered menace to use the issues of the people affected by the earthquake in Morocco. It’s a deceptive message or data to creates worry and anxiousness among the many affected people and households. 

Nevertheless, because of its faux origin, the Seismic Wave Card file can’t be opened by any supply or software.

Subsequently, you could not fall prey or develop into the sufferer of a broadly unfold message since it’s a Seismic Waves Card HoaxVerify extra information on Straightforward and Easy strategies of refund from paypal.


Seismic Waves Card is a faux file broadly circulated on WhatsApp and social media. Nevertheless, the file doesn’t exist and isn’t openable. Apart from, it can’t hurt any cellular machine or pill, as was talked about within the circulated message. Study extra about the best way to Get cash refund on bank card.

Did you obtain the Seismic Waves Card on WhatsApp? Share the software or software program by which you could possibly open the cardboard.